Consulting Services

Satyam Electricals including consultancy services for Electrical Power Projects and Renewable Energy

We undertake consultancy for following systems,

Liaisoning work with power distribution co. like torrent power, ugvl, mgvcl, pgvcl, dgvcl etc. for power procurement.

Liaisoning work with Energy & Petro Chemical Department for getting N.O.C. of E.H.V/ H.V. Switchyard, D.G. Set Approval/Electricity duty exemption etc.

Project consultancy for Technical Services

  • Collection of site related information for basic engineering
  • Preparation of layouts with proper illumination level.
  • Preparation of layouts of complete Electrical power systems (E.H.T. /H.T. / L.T.) & of the utilities like Computer, Telephone, U.P.S., CCTV, Data cabling etc.
  • Preparation of Tender Specifications, invitation of tender & finalization of contractor.
  • Estimation & Optimization with respect to energy saving.
  • Preparing (Power Flow / Electrical single line diagram) & design of electrical distribution system
  • Supervision whenever required & bill checking.


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