Operation & Maintanance

To focus on core business activities, Private & Gov. bodies Prefer maintain & operate their critical electrical asset of electrical installation through out sourcing. This is most acceptable concept in current scenario. SATYAM ELECTRICALS offers Asset Management Programs & services with operation and maintenance for electrical & solar generation at data centers, utilities, government facilities, universities, and other major power users. 

By selecting us an O & M entity, our clients get flow less Operation & maintenance of their electrical installation EHT/HT substation and solar plant to enhance the power reliability. We offer complete operation and Maintenance Service for critical assets like Solar Plants, EHT/HT substations, EHT/ HT equipments like Breaker, HT Panel, Transformer, Metering units, Unitized Substations, etc. During the tenure of our O&M services, we maintain necessary technical parameters for each equipments according to its specifications. Our execution staff haves the extensive technical information and field experience to maintain substations in accordance to the general rules and standards with balanced maintenance approach. These services vouch for SATYAM ELECTRICALS' length of experience with medium- and high- voltage electrical equipment and our proven systematic approach to maintenance.

Our single resource services for managing, monitoring, and maintaining your critical assets, reduces the risk of equipment failure, extend the life of equipment, and minimize the rate of costly unplanned outages.

To achieve the maximum operating life of electricity generation, transmission & distribution equipment, a perfect balance between preventative maintenance & condition-based monitoring is required. Either in excess, result in unnecessary expenditure, similarly too little can forge emergency response when equipment problems arise.

SATYAM ELECTRICALS' asset management maintains the right balance of services upto "Optimal Maintenance State," achieving high reliability and low cost.

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